About Roni Zehavi.

Roni Zehavi has been leading local and global projects for more than 20 years, leveraging advanced technologies, innovative methodologies, and multidisciplinary approach into success stories.

His experience covers P3– global digitization projects, creation of innovation HUBs, human-capital development, Smart Cities, Cyber-Security, Testing and Simulation for the Smart Mobility and Aviation arena.

Roni was the co-founder and CEO of CyberSpark, aimed at leveraging the Israeli Cyber Ecosystem in Be’er-Sheva into the Global Cyber Capital, unprecedented the world over in terms of innovation and prospective.

A co-founder and former global president of Global EPIC, a global community of Cyber ecosystems, covering more than 30 HUBs from 22 countries, working collectively by globalizing the local and localizing the global, to ensure the promises of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Inventor and developer of “To-Be-Education” platform’s methodology, upon which teachers and students can upload content that can be transformed into dilemma-based learning games with multiple users, facilitating the develop of global learners’ communities.

Co-Founder of Rontal Applications, a leading provider of 3D based application for simulations and real-time Command & Control systems for the Smart-City domain.

Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer (ETPS) and Aeronautical Engineer (Technion)

A worldwide recognized speaker and moderator in events such as CyberTech, STS Forum, Ambrosetti, OECD, WEF forum, and many more.

Mr. Zehavi is an amateur cellist and a classical music enthusiast.