Roni Zehavi, the inventor, co-founder and CEO of Rontal Applications, a developer and provider of innovative incident management and business continuity systems, today announced SimGuard 6000 – a comprehensive incident management system for remote locations.

SimGuard 6000 enables an organization’s headquarters to seamlessly detect and control any incident in remote manned and unmanned facilities.

SimGuard 6000 enables users to get the comprehensive, updated picture of what happens at all sites regarding safety, security, and facility management.

The system enables local police or other security agencies to be alerted immediately if any kind of problem is detected.

SimGuard 6000 not only enhances security, it also helps business continuity due to its ability to detect occurrences such as a burst water pipe, electricity problems, air conditioning malfunctions, etc., and to issue a relevant alert.

For example, if a burst water pipe occurs, the system tells the operator to evacuate a nearby computer center, thus maintaining business continuity.

SimGuard 6000 can utilize any means of communication, including the Internet, phone lines, and wireless. “Many organizations, such as utility companies, operate remote facilities, including unmanned sites, with a high risk of vulnerability,” said Roni, “Immediate detection of any incident is critical to the remote facility’s and the entire organization’s effective functionality.

SimGuard 6000 enables the operator to identify and handle the problem as if he were physically located at the remote site.” SimGuard 6000 builds a virtual reality model of each remote facility, including a virtual installation of the actual sensors, and stores it in the system’s database. Sensors include cameras, fences, access-control devices, GPS, RFID, fire alarm sensors, intrusion detection devices and more.

Vulnerability assessment of each remote site is constantly performed (both indoors and outdoors), based on the simulation of various potential scenarios for security, safety, facility management, general operations, and business continuity.

The SimGuard 6000 operator can make a virtual tour of the remote site or building at any location or floor, become familiar with the environment, and control it during exercises and in real incidents.

During an incident, SimGuard 6000 presents the real-time information on a Situational Awareness display.

This display enables the operator to rapidly understand the implications of the incident, identify the relevant scenario from the scenario library, predict the potential impact on normal site operations, and then decide what optimal course of action should be taken.

In addition, any appropriate layer of information is available for presentation, such as pipes, electricity and phone cables, specific routes and fire extinguishers.