Smart Range

SMART Range is a unique project that will serve as an international center for smart mobility in the capital city of Israel’s Negev – Beer-Sheva.

SMART Range will fulfill the vision of an automotive development ‘playground’ in a smart-city environment, hosting academic research, an innovation hub, an institute for testing and certification in the cyber arena, and a standards development body for smart mobility.

The Range will function as a living lab within a smart-city environment encompassing all aspects of future mobility systems, including public transportation, private vehicles, and personal mobility devices.

The environment will simulate a complex reality and enable effective testing of advanced technologies, assessment of human-machine-environment interfaces, evaluation of transport solutions in a future networked reality, and operability and robustness testing of software and hardware systems against cyber threats.

SMART range will feature the unique ability to combine the highest-level practical knowledge possessed by leading commercial firms together with advanced academic research. This cooperation between commercial and academic stakeholders will enable the center to further its main objectives:

  • Promotion of innovation in the smart mobility arena
  • Advancement of global regulation in the field of cybersecurity for smart mobility systems
  • Cybersecurity certification for smart mobility software and hardware systems
  • Global leadership in the definition, assessment, and verification of the resilience of smart mobility systems to cyber threats
  • Consolidation of Israel’s position as a world leader in smart mobility

Roni Zehavi the co-founder of Smart RANGE: “The range will address the ever-growing global need for a testing and evaluation infrastructure of smart mobility solutions’ resiliency to continually-escalating cyber threats, as well as the need for a recognized international body for certification as a pre-condition for the integration of solutions into the smart city environment.”